The team behind De Graaf Amsterdam

The De Graaf Amsterdam team consists of Abe de Witte (assembly), Chris Kuitert (finance) and John van Wijk (sales).

Abe de Wit

Abe de Witte

Chris Kuitert

Chris Kuitert

John van Wijk

John van Wijk

History of De Graaf Kasten

After a turbulent employment history but with a clear vision for the future, De Graaf Sr. in 1975 the first Dutch showroom in exclusive wooden walls and ceilings with the aim of direct sales to private individuals.

It turned out to be a gap in the market. The company grew rapidly. In a short period of time, De Graaf brought white ash panels onto the market with great success and even developed their own product, GRAfoLUX round edge panels.

Because there was a lot of demand from the Randstad region, De Graaf opened a small showroom on the Danzigerkade (Houthaven) in Amsterdam that was exchanged in 1989 for his own larger building in the western industrial area at Jarmuiden 47 (Sloterdijk – Westpoort).

In Amsterdam, in addition to their panels and ceilings, De Graaf was now also a dealer of built-in wardrobes, wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, etc. The range and clientele expanded continuously. De Graaf became a household name throughout the Netherlands.

In 2015 the showroom was taken over by mechanic Abe de Witte. Together with his partners John van Wijk and Chris Kuitert, he continued under the name De Graaf Amsterdam. De Graaf Amsterdam received a new impulse. With own brands. With its own vision. Successfully.

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