Floating door close made to measure

Floating door closets save a lot of space thanks to the side-opening doors without guide rails. In addition, floating door wardrobes are quieter when opening and closing than a sliding door wardrobe.

We are happy to help you with a custom floating door closet. In our showroom you will find physical examples of all the possibilities that we can offer you with our custom-made floating door closets.

Feel free to drop by for free advice and a no-obligation design.

Every Custom-Made Floating Door Closet Is Equally Unique And High-Quality

To manufacture our custom-made floating door closets, we work together with five renowned high-end furniture manufacturers from home and abroad. Each with their own identity, style and specialisms and all of an exceptional quality. We’re proud dealers of

  • Noteborn Kasten
  • Novo Mobili
  • Inquino
  • AMR Kasten
  • SolidDoor

All our custom floating door closet panels are made of high-quality chipboard with a higher compression and provided with a melamine top coating.

The processed chipboard panels in our custom floating door closets are thicker than usual, more stable than wood, lighter than MDF and do not crumble, so that the closet remains sturdy.

The melamine top layer on our custom floating door closet is available in dozens of different textures and is also scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, true to color and colourfast.

All our tailor-made floating door closets come with a 10-year warranty and are 100% recyclable.

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