The process of your unique custom cabinet

Because every cupboard is custom made, no cabinet is the same and the possibilities are endless both in appearance and dimensions of your exclusive tailor-made cabinet.

We are well aware of the fact that making the right choice for the perfect custom cabinet can be quite the challenge. Know that our team is ready to guide you through the process of making the right decision.

Do you dread the transport, assembly, the hassle of installing or getting rid of the packaging material of your custom cabinet? Rest assured, we will deliver and assemble your exclusive cabinet leaving the space as we found it.

Let us advise you completely or provide us with a design as you have in mind. We are happy to take the time for you in our showroom. Without obligation and free of charge.

In 5 steps to your new custom cabinet


Together we first go through your wishes and requirements. Do not hesitate to bring photos of your situation, a rough sketch or found photos from the internet. Your satisfaction is our goal.


Once we have made an inventory of your wishes and requirements, we can proceed to create a design with you using our 3D drawing software. You will receive the design so that you can think about it at home in peace.

Design revision

It is possible that the design of the cabinet doesn’t hit the jackpot in the first sketch. Sometimes the design offers inspiration for new insights and possibilities. Therefore, the door is always open to review, adapt and improve the design.


Once you have approved the design and finalize the order we will visit you within the next 14 days to measure the situation to the millimeter. From that moment on we are fully responsible for the measurement of the custom cabinet.


After measuring, you only have to wait for us to deliver and assemble your custom made cabinet. The assembly is carefully carried out and we always leave the room clean and take the packaging material back with us.